How Social Media Analytics Helps Your Inbound Marketing Efforts?

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing relies on earning attention of your prospects by creating value for them on your website. With the arrival of social media and of uber-accessibility to information, gone are the days of traditional marketing wherein you can coax a customer into buying your product or service. For an inbound marketing program to be successful, you need to strike a resonance with real interests of your customers. Social media analytics helps you do exactly that. It unearths the real needs and wants of your customers. It helps you reach to them in a more effective manner. In this post, let us see how social media analytics helps your inbound marketing program.

1. Know your customer

Inbound marketing can not be successful unless you intimately know your customer. Explosion of social media adoption is that perfect opportunity for marketers to understand their customers very intimately. The status updates, the tweets, the likes, the comments, and the reviews shared by your prospects embed within them very important clues about your customers. With a social media analytics tool, you can unearth the relevant meaning from this data for your business. This is the first step towards success of your inbound marketing program.

2. Identify influencers

Social media influences the buying decisions – this is now an accepted fact. Before making a purchase, a lot of weightage is given to the opinion of experts and influencers. This opinion prevails over expensive marketing blitz by businesses when a customer makes a purchase. The reason behind this behavior is simple. Customers perceive the influencers, whom they know many a time, to be more trustworthy than a TV commercial, which anyway is going to extol the product. With social media analytics tool, you can understand who hold sway over your customers. Identification of influencers in this manner is an important step in inbound marketing.

3. Create Trust

As we have seen above, trust is the cornerstone of success of an inbound marketing program. Social media monitoring helps you reach out to your existing as well as prospective customers, and engage with them proactively. The purpose of this engagement is not effecting a transaction but building a relation. It is through such relations that the trust emanates.

4. Create Relevance

Social media monitoring helps you understand pain points of your customers by showing you what matters most for the customers. These can be operational issues or these can be about customer experience or these can be anything that matters to your customers. See the Top Topics report for hotel industry.

The chart shows how social media analytics tells you about the most important concerns of your customers. Knowing these concerns gives you an opportunity of addressing these issues and of reaching out to them by creating relevant content. The insights gained from social media analytics can beat any keyword research when it comes to creating relevance for your customers. It gives an edge to your content by making it firmly in alignment with interests of your customers.

Social media analytics thus gives your sharp insights, helps you build relations and trust, and be relevant to your customers all the time. And, these are the ingredients of an effective inbound marketing program.

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