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Positive or negative word-of-mouth publicity can make or break any consumer brand. As the internet access to information has exploded, consumers today do not rely blindly on a company’s marketing communication. In this new environment, delivering a marketing message that strikes a chord with targeted segments of consumers has become critical… and more difficult.

VOZIQ can help! We provide solutions with our social media analytics technology. We offer companies the ability to continuously track a broad range of online sources to provide insights into what is being said online about companies, brands, products, services, competitors, and industries. The comprehensive analytics suite from VOZIQ can assist you in ongoing monitoring of user opinions and conversations about your brand. With these tools, you can gauge the underlying sentiments, attitudes and buying behavior of your customers and prospects. The VOZIQ dashboard is a complete social media monitoring, engagement, and workflow management platform created to help you aggregate and analyze the comments people are making about your brand and products on the web. View trends and dig deeper into specific posts to get a pulse on how your company is faring online. Read more to find out how VOZIQ can help your business.


Solution Details

Improve marketing effectiveness


Traditional marketing activities include rolling out ad campaigns and promotions, many of which cost a significant percentage of sales revenue. With the explosively increasing scope of social media, word-of -mouth marketing has gained added importance. Word-of-mouth no longer just means telling your friends what you think is good and bad. Now, it means telling the world! So you want to know and affect what’s being said.

VOZIQ can aid you in measuring the effects of your word-of-mouth marketing activities, and help you engage directly with consumers in blogs, forums and social networks. By monitoring the online buzz generated by consumers, news media or industry players, and comparing the marketplace before, during and after the roll-out, you will better understand how your message is penetrating the marketplace.

Gain Competitive Intelligence


Consumers are talking about their desires, needs, and issues on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and blogs – so why not take advantage of all this information to create a strategy built on leveraging what people are saying are the negatives and weaknesses of your competitors. Truth be told, there’s as much value in focusing on gathering intelligence about your competitors as there is in monitoring your own products, services and customers.

The innovative and unique VOZIQ technology uses key words to uncover and analyze conversations about trends within your industry. Keep a steady eye on your competitors to see what’s being said about them. In particular, focus on people who are complaining about bad products and customer service. Then, step in by offering advice or assistance.

Social Media Analytics from VOZIQ can help you mine the gold of competitor intelligence that is buried within the social media landscape. Spending time snooping around on the “dark side” could generate some good business opportunities.

Measure Your Public Relations Effectiveness


Press monitoring services are used by most companies. Still, many of these services only provide you with copies or lists of individual articles. Most do not include a cross media comparison of blogs and discussion forums.

With Social Media Analytics dashboards and reports from VOZIQ, you can see how company messages flow from one media to the other, i.e., how issues that arise in the social media get picked up by the press, and vice versa, how information in the press produces buzz in the social media.

VOZIQ can help you monitor what journalists and industry commentators are writing about your company and products and services, in terms of coverage, issues and topics. This enables you to compare your PR effectiveness with your competitors and market leaders, so that you can react and adapt your messages before it’s too late.

Improve customer satisfaction and Net Promoter scores


Businesses are more and more leveraging social media to reach large numbers of their customers and understand their needs. The Sentiment Analysis that is part of the VOZIQ toolbox automatically segments this information into positive, negative and neutral mentions, so you can better understand they key drivers of positive and negative customer sentiments around your products and services. This intelligence and root cause information helps in maximizing positive sentiments and minimizing negative sentiments, thereby increasing potential customer loyalty and lifetime value at a relatively low cost.

Customer loyalty management workflows driven by VOZIQ complement all other existing approaches, and clearly show root causes of customer dissatisfaction. This allows you to react by delivering measurable improvements in satisfaction, thereby gaining an increase in net promoter scores. Realizing the ease of use of the VOZIQ technology and the benefits it can provide, companies are able to improve overall customer satisfaction and improve their net promoter scores.

Be a Part of Online Conversations and Gain Consumer Insight


With consumer attitudes and behavior changing far faster than the lead times necessary to develop new products and services, market research is being tested to its limits. The most successful companies will be those that can listen in to online conversations and identify emerging and changing consumer trends. Feeding these new insights back to product research, design, and development will help you adapt more quickly to changes in consumer behavior. This becomes even more important as product life cycles get shorter and shorter.

VOZIQ’s rich social media analytics and reports can assist you by monitoring consumer-generated media for unsolicited opinions and attitudes from trendsetters and influencers. You can gain competitive advantage by complementing this feedback with other market research to help identify and select the features that consumers care about for your next generation of products and services.

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