VOZIQ tracks relevant social media discussions and uses natural language processing (NLP) technology to gather data into categories that allow quick comparison and analysis in relation to your key competitors and your industry. We apply sentiment analysis to uncover positive and negative mentions, and we further classify them into specific topics around your products, services, and operational areas to pinpoint specific action items.

VOZIQ invested significant effort into building effective social media search rules (collection of keywords and rules) and industry-specific reports that increase your ability to identify opportunities. Our experts can quickly translate your needs into customized tracking rules and reports to effectively analyze your data. Our pre-packaged solutions cover the restaurant industry, the technology industry, the travel and hospitality industry, the retail industry, the financial services industry, and the telecom services industry. Many others are under development. Tell us which industry you would like us to begin work on next.

While most social media analytic tools today are focused on identifying and responding to negative posts or on tracking “likes,” “followers,” clicks and downloads, the focus at VOZIQ is on aggregating, quantifying, and deciphering large volumes of data, and then putting the data in the context of your competition and your industry to help you improve your marketing effectiveness. Our entire data gathering, analysis, and insight development process is focused on delivering measurable results quickly. We establish benchmarks to identify information gaps in key topics of importance, and identify the social media influencers and websites that can help you take steps to close those gaps. Once all of the information is collected and processed, we assess what should and should not influence your business strategies.

VOZIQ’s analyst team is made up of consultants with significant market research and unstructured data analysis backgrounds, plus decades of experience in delivering measurable results for Fortune 500 companies. Data digging is deeply rooted in our genes. We collect and analyze each and every word that relates to your business and its social media environment (which we call your eco-system). The results of our analysis are delivered in the form of detailed reports and PowerPoint presentations you can put to good use immediately.

Comprehensive analytics from VOZIQ assists you with ongoing monitoring of social media conversations and opinions about your brand. Some of the benefits you can realize with the help of VOZIQ are:

  • Improved topline revenue growth from having more accurate insights into the competition, the industry, and the eco-system in which you operate
  • Finely-tuned key brand messages that better suit the needs of your customers
  • Accurate positioning of new products as a result of identifying the best market fit for product positioning, features, and rates
  • Offering of more personalized products and services relevant to your customer
  • Proactive engagement with consumers and eco-system players who are proactive themselves, as well as knowledgeable and influential

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