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VOC3 Intelligence

Drive growth by capturing the voice of your customers, competitors, and customers of your competitors.

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Influencer Marketing

Identify, engage, and nurture B2B influencers, and drive your marketing with trust and authority.

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Sales Intelligence

Equip sales team with prospects’ intelligence that leads to increased efficiency and higher sales conversion ratio.

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Market Research

Order intelligence reports, company profiles and custom research based on social and news media sources.

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Synergy – of Platform, Industry Frameworks, and Experts – that Drives Business Change

Comprehensive Monitoring

Monitor social media, online discussions, news sites. Add internal customer data.

Powerful Analytics Engines

Convert raw customer data into actionable intelligence.

Industry Frameworks

Leverage library of industry keywords and search rules to jumpstart your analysis.

Custom, Real-time Dashboards

Get the complete picture, at a glance, of customers, competitors, and industry.

Operationalize the Intelligence

Role-based, action-oriented alerts based on events or geo-locations for quick response.

Drive Real Business Outcomes

Cutting-edge analytics, proven processes, and data scientists to achieve ROI.

Learn how Social Business Intelligence can boost your bottomline.

Cutting-edge Analytics


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